What does success look like?

So, the third part of the ‘What’s In It For Me’ and why, is what does success look like? Okay, so you’ve established why you’re sending it, you want to sell this new T-shirt that you’ve designed. Why should the customer care? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for them? You’re giving them 20% off and it’s a great T-shirt and here’s why. So, you, you’re putting that into the copy of the email. That’s why they should care. Okay, great. What’s the success? Is it to sell one T-shirt? Is it to sell a thousand T-shirts? What is your goal here? What’s your kind of north star metric? What are the open rates that you want to achieve? Have one clear thing that you want to achieve. X sales, X open rates, X click-throughs, a thousand video views, if you’re sending people to YouTube to watch a video, have a goal that you want to achieve across the email.

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