Okay, so before you actually start writing your copy, you want to kind of figure out what the perspective you’re coming at is. Now you see it quite commonly on calls to action. So, a call to action will generally be, ‘Click here’ or ‘Get this offer’, or ‘Redeem this coupon’. Now redeem this coupon or redeem my coupon or redeem your coupon. So, redeem this coupon, bit generally, redeem your coupon is you telling them to redeem, so, second position. Redeem mine, redeem my coupon, is first position. So, start writing from first position. You won’t believe the conversion rates difference between the first and second position, particularly around your calls to action. So, if you’re writing a call to action, basically a button, the copy of the button, actually write it in the first person. ‘Get my offer’. ‘Redeem my coupon’, mine I, me, not yours, theirs, anything like that.

Just go with the first position and actually, more people will click through. So, if you’re thinking, you put yourself in the first position of somebody opening an email. I have this email in my inbox, it’s now my email. So, if I see a button that says ‘Get my discount’ or ‘Claim my coupon’ or something like that, it seems more personal, it’s more appealing to me. Get your, is them telling me to get mine and it has less resonance with me. So actually, try it and if you’re not sure, you’re not completely convinced, split test it. So, you can split test content in most email platforms. So, like in MailChimp you can say two completely the same email, so you are only creating one email, you’re not creating two emails. Create one email, put it in there and have it in the second position as you probably normally would.

Then change the copy of the button. And again, as I said earlier, you don’t want to change too many things, just change one thing. Just change one word because what you want to see, particularly with split testing, is what’s working on a minor scale. Do that a couple of times, see the impact and then you know that that actually works. Two completely different emails. You’re not going to learn anything. So just change the position from third or second position to first position and just see what happens. Most studies suggest that it has more resonance with people and the conversion rates go through the roof. So just try it split, test it. Next time you do an email split test your calls to action and change the call to action to first position and see what happens. Let me know.

So, there’s actually a great example of using perspectives. So here you can clearly see what the first, second, and third person perspectives look like and how can actually that in your copy, so is your putting your email together. If there are testimonials or quotes, you can put that in the third person. Because that actually builds a bit of trust or authority. People then say, well actually they’re not just taking your word for it, which is generally the second person. You are also saying, well, this third person over here also got some value from it. So, the second person is you and you are basically saying you’ll like this offer because you’re the second person referring to the first, which is your subscriber. You’re saying you’ll love this offer, this is great, here’s this third person who also loves this offer. And actually, with your copy, you generally will put that in the second person, you referring to that subscriber.

But the first person is something that you can use in your calls to action. So, second person, generally speaking for your copy, call to action first person. So, an example of that would be, ‘You are going to love this offer’ and then in the call to action, you would have something like, ‘Get my offer’ because the person, think of the perspective of the person reading the email. So that person is the first person they’re looking at the email. There’s you, to them telling a story in that second person saying that this third person over here really liked this offer. You’re going to like this offer. And then me, as a person, as a subscriber reading this email, I’m in the first person looking, going ‘Get my offer’, ‘Download my guide’, ‘Redeem my coupon’, whatever the offer might be. So, try and use a blend of the first, second, and third person in the email where possible.

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