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Let’s look at images off, what I mean by that is some email clients, particularly older versions of MS Outlook, sometimes have images turned off by default, or there’s a setting to automatically just turn them off. And what that means is the email comes through without all the fancy images in it, which can destroy all of that nice design work that you’ve been spending hours doing. So here I’m just using Parcel for this cause it’s the images turned on and off. So, Parcel is a great tool. It’s an email coding tool, so if you’re an email coder,, if not, then I would probably say it’s a bit too advanced for you, but here, is a couple of emails. So, there’s this Finn one here and then there is this one here as well. So, this is what they should look like, here you go. Nice imagery, another nice image there. Nice looking email we’ve looked at that before. And here’s this one. Nice clear image. Looks good. Lots of imagery throughout these two emails. So, I’m just going to go and look at them with images blocked, so I’ll just do it on both of them first. So here is the first one. As you can see, a completely different story here. Loses the images completely and looks completely different and I mean it does not look like a good email.

Although, you know, you still get, you know, they’ve used alt tags and images, so you, kind of, still get a flavour as to what would’ve been there. And you still get, you know, the message, but it just doesn’t look great. And on this one, I mean, what the hell? It’s just, there’s nothing to it without the images. I mean, there’s literally a little bit of text there, a little bit of text there, but does not look good. So, it’s just something to bear in mind when you are putting your email together. Just bear in mind that some people might get this when they first opened the email. Yes, of course. They then have the option to turn images on. And ta-da! Looks amazing, looks great. But try to bear in mind that some people might have images turned off and leave images turned off. Some people are a little bit self-conscious about having images turned on because that’s how a lot of email platforms track opens. So, just be aware of that when you’re creating your emails and how that can look when they’re off. So, this actually fairs a lot better because they have used text. So, going back to what I have said before, 60% text 40% images, it just means that way that you still get the message across when images are turned off.

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