The benefits of email

Now let’s look at the benefits of email marketing. There are a few at the top of my head I can think of that really sell email marketing above all else, and if you look at ROI and different studies across social search, all the different kinds of marketing channels, email generally comes out on top for return on investment and being the most effective channel. So, once you have an audience, it’s gold dust, you know, finding people, getting people into your email list, and that’s where places like Facebook and LinkedIn come in to drive traffic and drive people to your list. But once they’re in your list, unlike an audience on Facebook that are kind of passers-by, they’re in your list because they want to hear from you. So they’re interested in what you got to say or what you got to offer. So, the really, the kind of gold of marketing is, is your data all comes down to your data.

Having a quality list of people who are interested in what you’ve got to say. That’s where email marketing outstrips Facebook and LinkedIn, other social channels, and other marketing channels. It’s the, it’s the return on investment. The fact that you own your own data, that data in your list is gold and you can really track a lot of the results with email marketing that you necessarily can’t because with Facebook, it’s not your data their passers-by you don’t own them with email marketing, you know who they are, you can gather more information on them, you can see when people and clicking, you have a bigger picture of what’s going on. So that’s, I guess the biggest selling point of email marketing. I guess the good thing is, one of the challenges I said is, is multi-discipline. Yes, you’ve got to understand marketing, you’ve got to understand design, you’ve got to understand coding. However, there are hacks, so effectively anyone can do it.

So, if you’re using a platform like Mailchimp, you’ve got drag-and-drop editors, it will suggest copy in subject line suggestions for you. Mailchimp got Mailchimp smart. So, suggest lots of different kind of ways to improve your email. So once you’ve sent an email, you have email analytics and some of the insights as well. A lot of platforms do that nowadays. So, it’s given you the information, it’s given you the strategy and there’s a lot of tools out there, a lot of hacks. So, there are AI copy-generating tools out there that are getting smarter all the time using language patterns like NLP and influential language that are getting smarter and clever all the time and can second guess what you’re trying to write about and fill in the blanks. So, you can use things like that for your subject lines and your copy. There are design tools like Canva out there in the market that wasn’t 10 years ago.

And these tools are really great that anybody can do it. You don’t have to hire somebody to do it. You can do email marketing yourself and template builders in a lot of the platforms like Mailchimp, are just getting better all the time and easier to use. So really if you’ve got the right toolbox, you could put an email together in an hour, but this course really is looking at the what, so what makes up those things? Yes, okay. You can produce a banner in Canva. Yes, okay. You can use smart automation tools to write the copy for you, but what this course is addressing is what’s the good and the bad. What are things to look at when you’re designing an email and the calls to action and the copy and the things that, that you can incrementally improve your emails over time. And that’s what this course is about. And hopefully you’re sold on emailing marketing, I certainly am, and I think it’s the most powerful marketing channel and the benefits far outstrip the negative stuff.

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