Emotional triggers

Emotional triggers. So, if we are looking at this diagram here, so these are kind of like the top emotional triggers that influence people buying. Now, you can combine these. So actually, if you are selling a course and there’s a special offer that’s running for a limited time and you know that’s a great offer and that you are a market authority in what you are saying, you are basically ticking a few boxes here. So, time-limited offer, fear of missing out, so, when the offer expires, it’s not going to come around again. Leadership. So, you are the, you know, the market leader, you are an authority figure in that space. So, you know what you’re talking about. People trust you. So, there’s another one there and value, people are getting that special offer. So, there are a lot of ways that you can use a combination of these influential emotional triggers in your copy and in your messaging.

I would try to appeal to at least a couple of them. So, you know, special offers and eCommerce and encouraging people to buy. Don’t just have an open-end coupon, have a time-limited coupon. So, there is a fear of missing out and there’s a time duration on there, so people know offers next Friday. I’ve got until next Friday to do that, after that point I’ve missed out. And there’s a clear value incentive to do that as well. So, you know, you’re saving $100 or 50 per cent off or something like that. And things like belonging. So, if you are creating a community in network, people want to belong, it’s a thing that’s inbuilt as, human beings that we want to belong to a community and a tribe. So, you know, anything around that, if there’s something that you can encourage and foster a community feeling so people feel like they belong to a club.

So, we often refer to people in our newsletter as Ninjas. So, we’ve kind of got a club of ninjas. We’ve kind of got a community there, so any way you can kind of use that language. Lady Gaga obviously has her Little Monsters and, you know, a lot of these, I was trying to think of what Taylor Swift’s are called, but you know, a lot of these, a lot of these pop stars have their kind of communities, and they give them names. So, it’s a kind of a sense of belonging and emotions aren’t necessarily just triggered by the words you use and the offers that you’re putting out there, but also the colours that you use, and it feeds into the design. Obviously, you need to balance the colours you use with your brand identity, but particularly with your calls to action, you can use colours to instil trust or excitement for a time-limited offer, you know, action and energy.

Confidence, reassurance and refreshing and growth. It really depends on what the message is that you’re putting out there, but just try to give that some thought as well as your building your emails and designing the assets, you know, using some of the colours, using some of the words in there as well. The next thing to note is actually the words that you use on your calls to action. So, using power words and action words. So, hurry, you know, sense of urgency, free, buy now. All those sorts of things are really action words and power words to really kind of give people a sense of urgency and, you know, take action. So, these are some of the power words, that you can use. A lot of them. So, some of them are fairly negative, so arrogant, coward, backstabbing, lying, and bullshit. Some of them are negative. I would probably avoid that in your copy. You don’t want to go down a negative route, I would say. You want to stay in the positive and give people a good feeling when they open your email. So, using things like love and genuine and wonderful, try and evoke some emotion. So, if you’re saying something like ‘You’re going to like this offer’, change the word like for love. ‘You’re going to love this offer’ and just try to make people feel positive and happy about what it is you’re putting across.

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