I like big butt(on)s

Buttons. Yes, I’m doing a whole lesson on buttons, but for good reason because once you’ve kind of got people into your email, you’ve kind of got them past, you know, the subject line and opened the email. They’re in the email, they’ve got it. You want to hit them with the call to action and the call to action, the most commonly used call to action is a button. So, centralising the button, making the button higher up in the email, put it above-the-fold line, but try and make the button bold, stand out, bright, on-brand, yes but go with the boldest colour in your brand guidelines where possible. So just a couple of examples. So, a really bold, above-the-fold button, right there. It works like ‘Shop now.’ There’s no kind of, trying to second guess what they want you to do in this email, like, here you go. ‘Summer Savings’, ‘Shop Now’. Very simple. Nice big button right there. Here, Google ‘Pre-order now’. So, the command now you’ll see that quite a lot. Shop Now, buy now pre-order now. It’s a command that a lot of people use, and I think it does work. So, sign up now. You see it on websites, so try and kind of use that kind of language. Try and make, you know, some space around the text on the button. So, in terms of spacing around the button itself, so you can draw the eye into the button, but also the padding and the spacing within the button itself, around the text in the button, just to make it stand out and make it obviously a button. Make it look clickable, sort of round the edges a little bit. Maybe have a bit of a drop shadow so it sticks out. Just make it look like a button. You can either have a block, you can have slightly rounded corners like in the Google email, or you can make it like a pill, so it’s completely rounded. It’s entirely up to you, do whatever fits within your brand, but just make it look like a button because the more you make it look like a clickable button, people want to click, then, you know, you’re going to get more click-throughs. So just try and drive the button up to the top of the email as high up as you can get it. Make the button as fat as you possibly can. Another example here is Peloton, a little bit further down. But again, explore, so things like explore and discover their great words to put. So, explore now, discover now. Yes ‘Shop bike’. Yes, so just with your buttons try and make them big.

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