Holding out for a hero

In terms of your email real estate, the thing people see first is motsly the hero image. The hero image is basically the banner right at the top and in this email, there you go. Most people kind of put a banner at the top and it’s the thing that kind of grabs the attention when people open your email.

So, here’s an example. This, 10% off your first order, no second guessing what that offer is. It’s really clear, really bold, and I think what they’ve done really well by making this kind of 3D effect. It’s pretty big and the call-to-action is kind of fairly far down, but in terms of using a big thought out, well-thought-out hero image in the email, I think Peloton have done that really well, you know, you can barely see their logo here in the top, shopping cart icon in the top right corner. However, that’s not the point. The point is you go straight in with the ‘Fresh deals are still blooming’ and then you’ve got a bit of text here, a button, call to action there, right above the fold line, then a nice background light, background colour, right behind these product shots, with the white there. So, that’s a really nice kind of way of giving a 3D effect in the email. So, I guess it depends on what it is that you sell. I mean, if you are a product company like Apple or Fitbit and you’ve got some really nice product photography, then that really does help. If you are in a bit more of a ‘dry’ industry or a service industry, you don’t have those kind of shots, you could still use some decent stock imagery or have somebody come around and do a photo shoot with the office. And you could do something there. But you know, in terms of the real estate of your email, the hero image is your kind of main way to kind of drive people in, in this header section, because you’ve got the offer here, which is generally plain text. You’ve got the subtext here, again, which is going to be text-based and then the button, which is going to be text-based, you know, you have the image here which be the first way to kind drive people in. So, there you go. So yeah, so text-based, text-based, huge image here, which is blending the two sections together. I think that email works really well. So, Peloton has done a good job there.

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