The glance test

Okay, so back at Really Good Emails. Now, a good game to play would be to go to and do this for yourself. Now, as I said, you really have a few seconds to get the message across. People have got busy lives, people’s inboxes just get chock-full, you’ve got a few seconds to get your message across. So, what you try and get your message succinct and condensed down. So, looking at, let’s assume people have, you know, you’ve enticed people in with you’ve, you know, people have gone, this is great. I’m going to come in, I’m going to read the email. Okay. This exercise is the glance test. So, what I want you to do is go to and just go through some of these emails and not to spend too long looking at them. Don’t even go into them just as this kind of like tile overview, just look at them and within two seconds, like glance at an email and within two seconds, what is it trying to tell you? So, kind of go right, this email here, ‘Take a breather, multiple voiceovers, one video’. Do I know just by reading that, just by looking at that screenshot of that email, what that email is trying to sell me? What’s it trying to tell me? What’s it trying to sell me? What’s it trying to get across? ‘Sound packs’ can’t tell. ‘Email cashback and rewards’. Okay, got it. ‘Australian Super makes cornerstone investment in Assemble communities’. Okay, not sure why I should care about that. ‘Little black dress shop now’. Yep, fine. ‘Selling Sunset’. Okay. ‘Introducing yoga’. Fine. ‘Family Meal’. Fine ‘Sound Summer’. Yep. I mean, this one is the most obvious one. If you are just literally scanning through ‘10% off your first order’, that’s right. To the point obvious, clear, you know, glance at it, you see it, you get it, done. Anything where people have to look at it, read it, re-read it, and try to understand what it is you’re trying to get across, you’ve lost it. You’ve lost the message. People have moved on. You might have some die-hard customers who will read it, who will open it, read it, and really want to understand what it is you’re trying to sell. Most people are just going to glance over it. Move on. ‘June setting sale’. Okay, ‘Our new low-yield newsletter’. Okay ‘Our greatest space stories’, that’s pretty clear and I’m just scanning over these like, I don’t know. ‘Brainpower plus less battery’. Okay, Google, I mean, a good thing to do. I mean, Google has got deep pockets, right? So, look at what Google are doing. Look at what Airbnb are doing. Look at what Apple are doing. You know, these people have teams and teams of people who analyse everything that’s going out the door. So, when Google send an email, it may be deceptively simple, but a lot of thought has gone into these things. So actually, looking at the bigger brands, not necessarily the smaller, more niche brands that you are within, but if you are looking at what works, then look at how the likes of Google are doing it. ‘Introducing the new Nest cam’. Great, I get it. ‘Sustainable pet insurance’. Got it. ‘Get more done with Miro now in Google Meet’. Okay, I get that. ‘Forgot something’. Okay, there’s a cart, ‘Tools for Mind and Body in August’. Okay. Makes a lot of sense. ‘New in the app, fall asleep up 32% faster and Smart Temp 2.0’. ‘Ditch the itch’, nice and clear. Here’s an Apple one. You know, Apple watch, nice clear imagery, short text, nice and bold, on brand. ‘Roll out your features with feature flags’. Okay. So, see what I mean? I mean, go, so go through Have a look at some of the emails. And if that message doesn’t come across in literally a few seconds, they’ve not got the message across. I mean, ‘USA’ what’s that trying to sell me? The copy’s too small. There’s nothing clear there, that is not selling me anything. This here ‘Centuries of cleansing and calming’, I mean, that, that is poorly designed. It’s not getting the message across. So really think of it this way. Somebody opens your email; they’ve got say three seconds or so. If you can’t get that message across in those three seconds, you’ve lost it. People move on. So just if you work on that basis trying to get the message across, clearly work on your imagery, work on the intro text here, work on your subject lines, have a consistent flow, and make it so obvious when somebody opens your email., they haven’t even got to think, people are busy, they haven’t got time to think. Don’t make them think.

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