Fortune favours the brave

I’m going to encourage you to be bold and to be colourful, make things bigger, make things brighter, make things bolder, and just try and get your message across. Yes, okay, you need to stay on brand, so you need to use brand colours and brand fonts and style guides and things like that, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative push the envelope and make an impact. So, I’m just going to show you a couple of emails where I think, yes, they’re on brand, but they’ve used their brand identity and used their colours and used the style aesthetic to really go bold and go all in, and that’s what you want to do. You want to, you know, fortune favours are brave. You know, be brave, be bold. Create something that’s going to grab the attention of somebody. When a lot of emails in people’s inboxes are personal emails, plain text-type emails, you have the opportunity with an email campaign to go big and go bold and be completely 360 degrees away from a plain text-type email.

Now, saying that a plain email might be good to interject every now and again, particularly if it’s more of a personal one, a message from our CEO, you know, ‘Hi, just a quick reminder’ or ‘Hi, I’m not sure if you knew, we did this’, or an update on our terms and conditions, something like that. Or as a follow-up message to an offer, so you are appealing to people who are both visual and people who might want to read something. But if you are designing an email, I would say just be a little bit bolder. So here we go. Right. So, here’s one, really great imagery. So, what they’ve done is it’s on brand, it’s, you know, you’ve got the brand colours, but then they’ve used the colours of the product itself in the email, further enhancing the colour, being one of the selling points of the product. You know, really colourful, really bold, I love the colour.

Here’s another one. Who gives a crap, it’s called. But this like the colour, really bold, really bright, really nice, clear, sizable font used. You know, huge. I mean, look at the size of the text there, the button, the imagery, you know, really colourful, bright, I mean this here, right? So, if I go into the code, you’ll be able to see, just open this up a little bit, right? So, this here is an image, right? So, you’ve kind of got the white at the top there, and then you’ve got the dividing line of the colour there. Now I think they’ve used an image here as well. They, yeah, they have but what you could do is this could be plain text, and this yellow here is the background colour of the section, but this is an image. So effectively you are bleeding the, you’re using the image to kind of bleed one section into the next.

So, that looks great, in my opinion. That looks really good. So, you’ve kind of got a nice clear imagery going into another section. So, that’s basically pulling your eye down from the imagery into the next section and then you’ve got this really nice colour, the contrast of the yellow and the blue. You know, they aren’t being shy, like that is a bold, bright email going on there. So, this, you know, the colours here of the brand and the drink, you know, really bold, really bright. Love it, love the colours. Really like fluid. You’ve got the colours right the way through going on. I love what they’ve done there. So again, really nice bold imagery. And again, I haven’t purposely gone for all yellow emails, by the way. This isn’t like I haven’t got a yellow thing. This is just one I’ve picked out, but again, yellowy, orangey blue, really bold image, really nice colour.

You know, I love, it just stands out, really stands out I mean if you were going to get that, open it in your inbox, you know, you’re going to know it’s that. Here, a non-yellow email, right? So, Fishwife, welcome to Fishwife. So again, really bold, on brand, if you look at all the kind of imagery here, it kind of like, it’s the same in email, 10% of your first order. So really, really on brand. Nice and bold. Welcome to Fishwife. Here’s an offer, 10% off. Here’s a product shot. Really great, simple, colourful email that would stand out in anybody’s inbox. Nice use of emojis in the subject line as well. So just try and be more creative. Just try and be inventive. You don’t have to stick within the confines of really, really simple. Just kind of go all out a little bit. See what happens.

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