Send campaigns not emails

Okay, so the word campaign is kind of misused a little bit because a lot of email platforms refer to single-send emails or e-shots or e-blasts or mailshots, whatever word you use to describe sending a marketing email. Most will use the phrase campaign. To me, a campaign, if you are launching a marketing campaign, it’s got multiple elements to it. A marketing campaign will be across email, your website, search, lots of different marketing, and sales. Your marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily fit with one single email. So, this is what I want you to kind of think about. So, once you’ve kind of addressed the what’s in it for the customer, why are we sending it? This is what we want to achieve. X amount of sales, video views, whatever it might be. Have that as a campaign. So don’t just have it as a single email.

So, for example, you are sending a Black Friday message. Don’t just see Black Friday as a one-hit-wonder. So, if you think of Amazon, for example, when they have Prime Day, you will get a series of emails leading up to it, a series of emails during Prime Day or Prime Week or whatever it’s now. Most people now extend Black Friday beyond Black Friday, and you’ll get more than one email promoting different offers. Follow-ups for the offers in case you missed it, or the offer expires in 24 hours, offer ending soon, countdowns in the emails. So that is a campaign that isn’t just a single email. So, start thinking about email campaigns rather than just single-send emails. So again, a commonly misused phrase, but to me, a campaign is a series of emails or a complete package offer that you are going with. And that could be a series of emails. So, a single campaign can have, say, five or six emails in it. So, start thinking about that. So, if you’ve got an offer in mind, why should they care? What’s the offer? What’s the goal? Drip that offer out. If you’ve got an offer and it ends on Friday, send the offer now, send a reminder 48 hours before, 24 hours before, and just before it ends. Sorry, you missed out. We’ve extended it for 24 hours. Really kind of have a campaign of emails within that.

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