Break it down

Similar to writing with your eraser, where you take the copy and condense it down after you’ve written it. The other approach that I want you to consider is to break the copy up into smaller chunks. So, if you’ve just written something out, you’ll probably have big paragraphs of text, now after you’ve gone through with your eraser and got rid of all the filler words and all of the stuff that you don’t need in there because you’ve probably repeated yourself (like I do), you have got lots of words in there you don’t need. Now go through it and break the paragraphs up into smaller chunks, such as bullet points, headings, subheadings, calls to action etc, because the more you can make it easy on the eye to scan through your copy, the more of an immediate impact it’s going to have.
So, big paragraphs of text or long form text is not going to work well. Break it down. Get rid of some of the stuff that you don’t need in there and break it down into smaller bits. Try to mix it up, some with two columns and some in one column. Break down the structure of the copy to to make it easier on the eye and make it flow better. Take a leaf out of what some websites do, have a look at some of your favourite websites and see how they handle copy structurally. There will be a flow. You’ll have a headline, you’ll have a bit of copy, you’ll have a call to action, you’ll have images and bits of text. Rarely, unless it’s a blog, you’ll have long form copy. So just look at that and look at how you can break the copy up into smaller chunks to make it easier to read.


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