How to get more clicks

How do you get more clicks? We’ve established with the ‘how to get more opens’ that you want to entice people in with a catchy subject line, now they’re in, now you have 3, 5, 10 seconds, whatever the latest data suggests, to get people to read your email and perform the action that you want them to do. That’s where the less is more approach comes in. So, less content, because people literally have busy lifestyles. And now you’ve got things like TikTok and Twitter where everything’s short and quick and simple. Bite-size works. So really your content needs to be boiled down. Condensed. Less is more. So, the subject line and your heading should really have a similar kind of message. So don’t have a completely different message in your heading to your subject line. People will go from your subject line, open your email, and look at the main heading or the text on your hero image needs to have a similar message to your subject line if not the same text.

Now what’s important is the text you are using. So, not just what you’re saying, but what that looks like. So, the colour of the text, so don’t have clashing colours where it’s hard to read. So, make it nice and clear and obvious. Make the font size bigger. Use a font that is easy and common, Arial, Times, whatever it might be, and try and get that message clear and succinct. Now, we’re not going for any design awards here. We’re going for impact; we’re going for results. So, you really want people to see your email, understand the message, and perform the action. That is as simple as it is. So, you really want to design the content and write the copy in a short, condensed, simple, and clear way to get people to click through. And if you do that, then people will be clicking through your emails and go to wherever you want them to go and get the results that you want from your email, which we’ll come onto in a later lesson.

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