The secret sauce

So, the secret sauce, I’m guessing that’s why you’re here. You want to kind of know why email marketing works and how to do it really well, right? So, the secret sauce behind it. So, we’ve just covered sending the right message to the right person at the right time. That is part of it. But that is a tried and tested, known, everybody in the industry that I speak to knows that, that I guess is the golden formula of email marketing. This is kind of the MailNinja secret sauce. Over the years, we’ve been sending emails for the last, say, 20 years. So, for two decades, we’ve been sending emails on behalf of lots of different types of customers. And generally speaking, the bit of advice I would give you if you took anything from this entire course is this; less and more. So, less stuff in your emails, less content, less calls to action, less imagery, and less copy.

Like take a hatchet at it, less stuff in your emails, condense it down, you know, a lesson later on I’m going to say write with your eraser. But just take everything from that down to that. Get your copy, get your imagery, get everything, and condense it down because people literally will open your email and you have a few seconds to get the impact. So, the less you put in there, the less confusing it is, the more successful that email will be. And the other benefit to doing that is the more aspect. Because actually if you are saying, I’m going to send this email out, and there’s three bits of information in there, three offers, three products, three articles, whatever it might be, if you are condensing that down to just one, you are going to get better results with that email because people have one thing to think about and one action, but one purpose, that one action that you want people to do.

But actually, the benefit to that is that you’ve got two other things to promote. So, if you are sending one email in a month with three different products or offers in there, condense that down, send one, and then next week, send another one. And the week after that, send another one. You get three bites of the apple. So that is the golden formula. Less stuff, shorter email, shorter copy, less calls to action. Make the heading shorter, bolder, succinct. You really want to condense everything down. Don’t go for long-form copy. Don’t go for massive imagery, don’t go for lots and lots of information. And the crucial part is the offer. You know, less offers, have one offer. If you can boil your email down to one offer, one message, one call to action and everything is around that one offer, call to action right there in the centre, right there, staring at me, it’s going to be successful. Then put all those messages and offers and promotions into other emails.

And just drip those out over the remaining weeks, giving you more opportunities for more sales. So, if you’re going to learn anything in this course, that’s all I want you to take away. So next time you’re putting an email together, really condense it down. So even if there is just one offer in there, just really kind of, take a hatchet at the copy, everything that’s in there, try and get it down, boil it down. Remove all the filler words. Just try and get the message down to as shorter words as possible and run it by people to have a look at. You know, remove some of the filler words, get feedback on your email before you send it and then just send more emails. That’s as simple as its. If you send less content, but more often you going to get better results than sending less emails. But with lots of stuff.

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