Emotions drive actions – examples

So here are just a few examples of some kind of emotional attachment to marketing campaigns. Now, Apple were kind of one of the pioneers of that when they launched the Mac I think it was in the eighties. This was the campaign Think Different, and Steve Jobs actually did the voice-over for it. And, you know, the whole advert was black and white emotional, looking at different people who just see things differently because they were trying to appeal to like a subculture of people who didn’t fit into the norm and I think the campaign was a master stroke. So, if you, you know, you look at the advert, it’s on YouTube. It’s just full of people who have inspired, done something different, bucked the trend. So, Apple, one of the pioneers of that, but actually another one from Coca-Cola here, about being better, really appealing to people’s emotions.

Another one here. So, Google, Search stories is a campaign in recent times, you know, ‘can we hug now’, their whole TV campaign was around people’s stories and emotions and what people use Google for. And the last one here is a Nike one Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. So, you know, just a few examples of the way these top brands, you know, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, you know, these guys are using it for a reason. It works. So, tapping into people’s emotions, on the negative sense, you’ve got people’s fears and challenges and worries and wanting to belong on the other side, you know, you are using words like love and believing in something, really tapping into people’s whole belief systems. So, you know, there are a few ways that you can do that, both in a positive and negative sense, but you know, really try and word your copy so it really appeals to people’s emotions.

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