The anatomy of an email

The anatomy of the average email, so it’s kind of made up of building blocks, different things within there. So, before you’ve even opened the email, you’ve got the subject line in the preview text. And these are all things that we’re going to cover in this course, whether it’s the copy or the assets and the colours and the imagery that you’re using. So, we’ll cover some of those in a little bit more detail, and how to do that effectively. But just to give you a summary, so once you’ve kind of got past the subject line, you’ve opened the email. Within the email itself, it kind of breaks down on average to the header information. That normally includes a view in browser link, preview text maybe shown at the top or hidden, you’ve got your logo, maybe some social icons, some people move that to the bottom to keep the header nice and clear, you’ve got a heading and then a hero image or the hero image.

and then a heading underneath, a bit of copy calls to action, like a button, which is your primary call to action in the maybe a bit of stuff underneath and then you’ve got your footer. So, really the email is condensed down to a few common modules within there, and you don’t want to kind of be too complicated with it and have a massive, long email with lots of different sections and things. In short, the more you add into your email, the more the message is going to get lost. So, you want to simplify the content within your email. Don’t get lost in terms of complicated structures and lots of different imagery, lots of different calls to action. You want to simplify. So, the anatomy of a perfect email really is kind of just to condense it down, think of what you’re sending and get those building blocks in place. Now it’s not to say that these things are required. You don’t need a hero image. You don’t even need a button in there. It depends on what the purpose of your email is. But generally speaking, that is the anatomy of an email. Now these are things that we’re going to cover in this course, so those different building blocks we’re going to look at. So, what makes a great hero image? What can you do with it to get more impact? The branding of your company and your email. Where to position content, and how to flow that content effectively. All those things we’re going to cover in this course. They are some of the fundamental things that generally make up and email.

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