Write with your eraser

So, when you’re writing your copy, I want you to write with your eraser. And I kind of don’t mean literally, but what I mean is actually a good exercise to do. Write your copy as you’ve originally got it, and then go back through it, go have a coffee, then go back to it and strip out all of the filler words. Condense the copy down, taking everything that isn’t absolutely essential out until you’ve got a clear and simple message.

I’m not great at writing copy, but I’m fairly good at taking somebody else’s copy and ripping it to shreds. So that’s a good approach right there. Get a two-person copyrighting team together; somebody write it and then somebody else edit it or just take a break and then come back to it and do it yourself. But don’t just have the copy, write it and be done. You know, really strip it. Take all of the filler words out because there’s bound to be lots of filler words, stuff you don’t need in there and just write with your eraser. Get rid of it.

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