Emotions drive actions

Emotions drive actions. So, if you are appealing to somebody’s emotions, that can have more resonance and impact than logic. There’s a study that suggests that logic goes out the window when you’re appealing to somebody’s emotions on a deep level.. Everybody wants the same kind of things, they want to feel part of a community, they want to be loved, they want to trust and be trusted, they want to feel happy and secure.

Try appealing to people’s emotions in a positive, or in a negative way, such as fear of missing out for example; you’re suggesting they might miss out on this amazing offer. That’s a common one, particularly for e-commerce. This coupon will expire on Friday, that kind of thing. You can send an email follow-up, 24 hours before this offer ends you can have a countdown in your email, really driving interest and FOMO. These are kind of ways that people use fear of missing out as a way to kind of drum up people to a finish line and get them to convert.

This stuff works.

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