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Lord Timepieces is an aspirational brand based in London. They offer unique and luxurious timepieces in a variety of elegant designs, from minimalistic classics to bold skeleton watches. Lord Timepieces combine global style trends, unrivalled quality and exquisite looks – into an affordable product.

The challenge.

Lord Timepieces came to us to help increase the frequency of their email marketing activity. Originally, promotional emails were only sent on key marketing dates e.g. Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas etc, whereas we advised sending more regular and consistent email campaigns to increase engagement with their audience, focusing our messages for subscribers (to turn them into customers) and for customers (to encourage repeat purchases).

The solution.

We kicked off with a strategy session to determine what their goals and expectations were. Lord Timepieces felt that ROI was important and agreed that engaging more frequently with their audience was the right approach. We started by building a mobile responsive template to work with across their campaigns. at the same time we added key promotional oppotunities, upcoming sales and seasonal hotspots into our campaign calendar and mapped out a plan to ensure we took full advantage of these opportunities to generate tbe highest possible return on investment.

Immediately prior to MailNinja taking over their account, the client sent around 3 promotional email campaigns. From these 3 campaigns, the total revenue was only £4,818, with a total of 66 orders. Although these numbers seemed good to the client, they were not consistent and we knew we could do better.

The results.

Due to sending more frequent, targeted (and better designed) emails, we quickly saw an increase in engagement levels and email generated sales. The first campaign MailNinja sent took 12 orders and generated £725 in revenue. Due to the learning from this campaign, the second campaign we produced took 54 orders, and made £4,093 in revenue.

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