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Fairfax & Favor.

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Fairfax & Favor was established in 2013 by childhood friends, and has become one of the leading luxury, British-born lifestyle brand in the footwear industry. Fairfax & Favor aims to create a timeless, fashion investment in every piece.

The challenge.

Fairfax & Favor had been sending their own emails for about 2 years before contracting MailNinja. Due to lack of time and resources, their audience was just one big data dump, no demographic segmentation.

The solution.

We studied their existing email marketing strategy by looking at what times received maximum engagement, what content worked best and then decided from there what needed to be improved.

A new strategy was then put into place, which clearly stated what areas MailNinja wanted to focus on to improve.

MailNinja’s first goal was to start sending regular email campaigns, whilst segmenting their list and creating bespoke automation flows to drive subscribers and customers through their ecommerce sales funnel.

The results.

MailNinja has seen an increase in subscriber engagement since managing Fairfax & Favor’s email marketing. We discovered up to 4 x increase in total revenue on campaigns, and up to 2 x click rate on each email campaign.

A campaign we created for Fairfax & Favor in November 2016 had 33.3% open rate with a 5.9% click rate resulting in £10,347 in total revenue from a single email campaign.

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