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Customer story.

Bodyism | customer success | mailninja

Since establishing in 2007, Bodyism has gained a reputation as one of the most exclusive wellness companies in the world. As well as offering supplements, clothing and best- selling books. Bodyism offers bespoke, state of the art gym facilities in Capri, London, Maldives and Turkey.

The challenge.

With such a desirable and slick brand, we were surprised to see that Bodyism had done very little with regards to their email marketing. They had a mailing list which had been gathered from events, website sign-ups and purchases, but due to a lack of time and resource had done little with it.

The solution.

Our goal was to start the ball rolling by sending a regular email campaign to bolster the brand loyalty by delivering interesting and engaging content to their subscribers.

We created a series of templates, designed to vary the layout and style of the emails we were looking to send, ensuring the emails were professional and not formulaic.

We began sending A/B split test campaigns on a weekly basis, gradually cleaning the subscriber data and improving list segmentation for future campaigns.

The results.

Since joining forces with MailNinja, Bodyism’s email campaigns have seen amazing results, with their open and click rates soaring far higher than the industry averages.

Average open rate before: 15%
Best open rate since working with MailNinja: 42.2%
= Increase in open rates + 181%

Industry average open rate: 18.75%
= Above industry average open rates + 125%

Average click rate before: 0.9%
Best click rate since working with MailNinja: 8.2%
= Increase in click rates + 811%

Industry average click rate: 2.1%
= Above industry average click rates + 290.5%

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