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Anderson Entertainment.

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Anderson Entertainment are a production company originally founded over 50 years ago by Gerry Anderson, a British TV and Film icon who was responsible for the creation of many popular shows and movies such as Thunderbirds, Space:1999 and Captain Scarlet.

The challenge.

Anderson Entertainment have a rich legacy and a loyal fanbase, so when they came to us, they wanted to use email as an engagement channel, as well as promoting their official and exclusive merchandise. With a small, but highly engaged subscriber base, they wanted to engage with their fans on a weekly basis and increase their overall ROI.

The solution.

Seeing as the main objectives were engagement and sales, we focused on impact; bold colours, clear, closeup product imagery and intriguing content, all designed to bring attention to the fantastic products that were available on the Anderson Entertainment Store.

The results.

MailNinja managed to increase campaign open rates by 81% over the course of a year. Achieving a 56.1% open rate on our latest campaign, which is approximately 40% higher than the industry average.

Something that really stood out to us was the fact that we managed to generate 22 orders in a single email campaign. This equated to over £1000 in sales revenue!

Average open rate before: 31%
Best open rate since working with MailNinja: 56.1%
= Increase in open rates + 81%

Industry average open rate: 16.76%
= Above industry average open rates + 234.7%

Average click rate before: 10%
Best click rate since working with MailNinja: 26.8%
= Increase in click rates + 168%

Industry average click rate: 2.45%
= Above industry average click rates + 993.9%

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