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We get it. You're swamped. 'Send an email' is just one of the things on your todo list...

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Fear not. Your friendly neighbourhood ninjas are here. We take email marketing off your hands and throw chaos into the junk folder.

MailNinja email marketing solution service - email management service


Hello, we’re MailNinja, we provide a simple, fully outsourced email marketing solution for busy marketing folk!


You’re super busy. You’ve got deadlines to meet, people to manage, meetings to attend. In your endless list of stuff to do, email seems to get pushed further down the page…

Email solution - why hire an email marketing service agency

Email can be a highly effective marketing channel, but you need the following people…

Effective email marketing services, outsource email marketing package
problem/solution - outsource your email marketing to mailninja email design agency


What if we could take the stress away?

Fortunately, MailNinja has a highly-skilled team with 17+ years of hands-on experience and expertise in each of these areas, and you can get access to our team – on demand.

We work on YOUR email sender account, with YOUR audience, with YOUR internal teams and YOUR other outsource partners, to create a plan that works for YOU.


Got concerns?
Let’s bash them down!


We have transparent pay-per-campaign pricing, no contracts or setup fees, meaning you can start small and scale.


You don’t know us, we don’t know you, how can you trust us to deliver? Give us a try, let us prove ourselves.


Unlike digital agencies, we have over 17+ years of expertise in the niche field of email marketing, you can trust us to know our stuff.


Do we add value? Sure, whatever that means to you: ROI, service, cost, expertise, we’re the trusted UK email agency with 17+ years in the game.


OK, here’s our elevator pitch: We’ll fully manage your email marketing for you. All of it, campaigns, data, automation flows, reporting, platform support etc.


Are you a commitment-phobe? No worries, we won’t tie you in for months, or ask you to give us a bunch of money upfront. Start small, scale as you grow.


We’ve worked with 7k+ brands in the last 17+ years, including some big brands like The BBC, The NHS, Tesco, Barclay’s and HMV.


When you sign up, you are allocated a dedicated success manager to support you and organise your campaign schedule.


We won’t share your info with any 3rd parties, use your logo or promote your work without your consent.


We take security seriously. Our app is secure, your data is never held on our servers, and we always password protect data files.


Our friendly team are on hand to help you, plus, you get a dedicated success manager to help you plan your emails.


Not got a lot of time to faff around sending emails, or managing someone sending emails? Fear not, we can take it all off your hands.

About mailninja

“…we’re a small business like you, so we get it.”

“Starting a business can be daunting, but that’s actually the easy part. Continuing to reward and nurture customers is the tricky part. That’s where we step in: we help you to engage with your audience, and turn subscribers into customers, and customers into fans.”

Doug Dennison, CEO at MailNinja