Email marketing is a popular, yet relatively new form of marketing – It has become more adopted than both direct mail marketing, as well as telemarketing, mainly because of how cheap it is to execute (generally it is free if you start off relatively small i.e. <1000 contacts).
Email marketing is so cheap because it requires no extra staff to execute (You can talk to hundreds of people at once via a bulk email), not only that, but email lists are also usually free to generate to a certain point. You might find that email marketing can be used to build trust, encourage sales,  or provide useful information – The end goal is though is always going to be increasing sales and brand awareness.

Why should I use email marketing?

The main advantage of using emails for your marketing campaign is that your content is personal, and it gets delivered directly to the reader’s inbox. Unlike advertisements and social media, this method of direct contact can increase the chances of people either visiting your website, or even making a purchase.
By emailing potential and existing customers, you can make use of a variety of approaches for free. You can send things like:
  • Text only emails
  • Text and image emails 
  • Automatically triggered emails, such as abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, and purchase confirmations
  • Product updates
  • Events & webinars that people can invite themselves to
When you send different types of emails to people, it improves both their trust for you as a brand, and it also increases their engagement with your other areas of business. Areas like your website, blog, social channels and online store will receive more attention when you promote them through email.
As email marketing can be tracked and measured, you’ll find it a lot easier to measure success, and generally speaking, email marketing delivers on average the highest ROI of all digital marketing techniques. Expect an average return of £30 – £40 for every £1 invested.
The beauty of email marketing is that you can build a list that becomes completely customisable, either through segmentation or through targeted emails. This process involves grouping (Or segmenting) different contacts based on different aspects like preferences, age, gender, location etc. By doing this, you can send out marketing content that is more relevant to them, which will hopefully improve overall engagement, i.e. higher open and click-through rates.

How do I get started with email marketing?

It’s simple to get started! All you need is a list of contacts, these can be generated through any source, here’s a list of places you might want to generate contacts from;
  • At your checkout page, via an opt-in form
  • On your landing page, either as a pop up or a clickable section
  • On your social media pages, either by hosting a giveaway, offering discounts, or simply advertising that your email content will be exclusive and engaging!



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