A click-through rate is a metric used within email marketing, that tells you what percentage of readers click through to your website, link, or store. Click-through rates are one of the few important metrics used to accurately measure the success of an email campaign.
It is important to remember that your click-through rate will not be inclusive of those readers who clicked onto your website through another method i.e. not your email CTA (Call-to-action). They might have searched for your website through the internet, or even headed to your social channels and got the same link from there – Either way, this isn’t included, and you should take it into consideration if your click-through rate appears to be too low.

How do I achieve a good click-through rate?

The key to getting your click-through rate above the average for your industry is to optimise your content visually. By this we mean making your calls to action both accessible and easy to spot. In any email campaign you carry out, your click-through rate will directly correlate to how well you position and revolve your email around a call to action. We advise only using one call to action for optimum results, this can be in the form of:
  • A button
  • A clickable link
  • An image
  • A gif/animation
We advise that any kind of call to action is kept separate from the bulk of your text, so as to give it that “stand out” look. Try testing different kinds of calls to action, and see how it affects your click-through rate. Remember, your overall rate will include those readers who come back to your email after opening it for the first time.
Moving away from your call to action, you have to make sure people are voluntarily opening your emails as they are interested, and not just opening them to remove the notification. The last thing you want is a good open rate, and a shockingly bad click-through rate, as it would lead you to believe your emails are getting great engagement. In truth, they are simply being opened, leaving you with no traffic at all from your email contacts.
To improve click-through rates, you have to make sure your readers are opting into your email content, in the sense they have willingly provided you with their email address. Once this is established, you can be sure they want to see your email content, and the calls to action will get the engagement they deserve.

Did you know?

  • Email marketing in the hobbies industry (e.g. gaming, toys, cooking, learning new skills) deliver on average the highest click-through rate of 5.01 per cent (Mailchimp).
  • Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, government related emails became the industry with the highest click-through rate increase year-on-year. They jumped by 1.06 per cent since 2019, increasing from 3.04% to 4.1% so far in 2020 (Campaign Monitor).



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