An email campaign is a single email, or a continuous flow of emails designed to nurture customer relationships and build on loyalty. Email campaigns can be used in any industry, as a way to deliver content that may or may not be sales driven. 
Email campaigns can work as a promotional tool, a way to thank customers, a way to educate people, and many other things. Typically an email campaign is different to an email newsletter in the sense that the end goal is to increase sales instead of awareness, although you don’t have to do this straight away…

How should I start out my email campaign?

First things first, you want to make sure you have a targeted mailing list, one you can fire out content to without worrying that the people within it will find it boring or irrelevant.
Email campaigns start not at the first email, but on your sign-up form, this is generally best placed either on your website landing page, at your checkout page, or on your social media channels online.
From there, you want to segment your audience by their tastes, preferences, shopping habits, age, gender, location etc. By segmenting your readers into groups, you can deliver campaigns that are better targeted to different kinds of customers, thus increasing your sales potential.
In terms of the structure for each email in your campaign, we recommend you follow these tips:
  • Include a well-written subject line, ideally less than 60 characters, and no filler words. Subject lines need to be straight to the point in terms of what’s in store for the reader if they are to open the email. Use merge tags if and when you think they’ll work (This is a handy Mailchimp tool you can utilise when you want to address your readers by their name, without the pain of doing it manually for every name in your list).
  • Write content that is human – Something you would enjoy reading as it is valuable to you. This could mean you offer free resources like guides, webinar dates, catalogues or discount codes – If you like receiving these things in emails, then your subscribers certainly will too!
  • Nail your CTA (Call-to-action)Your call to action is going to be the key to driving traffic to your website, and sales to your business. You can incorporate a CTA in the form of a button, a link, or even a clickable image. Whichever way you plan to do it, just remember to do it! Email campaigns should be your chance to get people to the places that matter most, like your social media channels, your website landing page, your online store, or your own blog page.

Did you know?

  • Segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.31% more email opens, and 100.95% more clicks, compared to email campaigns that aren’t segmented (Mailchimp).
  • A/B testing your email campaigns can improve performance (open and click-through rates) by 46% (Campaign Monitor).



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