MailNinja terms of service.

Privacy policy

  • To manage your Mailchimp email campaigns, we will need manager-level access to your Mailchimp account. It is your responsibility to revoke access if you wish
  • We will not access or download your data unless we have been granted prior written approval
  • We will not share your information with any third parties
Terms of service
  • We will not provide services free of charge that go beyond the agreed scope of work
  • Expedited deployment service is available for an extra charge – agreed in advance of campaign commencement
  • We will not provide services for any project or potential client for content which is offensive, illegal or which contains illicit or infringing material
  • We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project, without the need for providing justification
Working schedule
  • Our UK production hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday
  • When we state turnaround times, we do not include weekends or public bank holidays
  • We have a Christmas shutdown, however our team will publicise the dates in advance
Turnaround times
  • We require 10 business days for all email campaigns, unless you opt for a fast tracking service.

Roles and responsibilities

  • We will require a single point of contact for strategic planning, change requests, feedback and approvals
  • We require approval 24 working hours before send time to allow for testing, scheduling and timezone delivery
  • Late submission of content or approval will likely result in a delayed send
  • Delivery is considered accepted if the client approves delivery, verbally, written or via the MailNinja app
Fixes, change requests and post-delivery support
  • You can add 1 round of up to 25 changes
  • All change requests and approvals are to be provided to us via the MailNinja app
  • We will work on your changes in one go – if we are waiting for further feedback, we will not work on your changes until we have had confirmation that all changes have been received
  • We will provide 1 major (structural) change, and unlimited minor changes(copy, image swaps, links etc) per email campaign but these need to be submitted in a timely and streamlined fashion.
  • Any changes post-approval are charged at our hourly rate (£150+ VAT per hour)
  • MailNinja are not responsible for any Mailchimp or other ESP related issues
  • MailNinja test on the most popular email clients as found here: We are not responsible for any issues on other, less popular devices and clients
Fees and payment terms
  • Payments will be charged automatically via the MailNinja app using our chosen payment processor Stripe in advance of work commencing
  • Refunds will not be issued if an order is in process

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Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailchimp & klaviyo partners
Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailchimp & klaviyo partners

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