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Word & character count

The recommendation by Mailchimp, is to keep your subject lines to no more than 9 words and 60 characters.

Spam words

Known spammy words can mean your email doesn’t reach inboxes, which is not awesome.

Action verbs

Action words like Get, Do, Try and Make are all powerful and action-orientated words to help drive a positive response.


Everyone loves a list, try adding things like ‘9 ways to…’ or ‘the top 7 tips for…’ to help boost your open rates.


Studies show using ALL CAPS is bad, lower and Sentence case is ok. Instead, try Title Case for better results.


A nice positive message stands out from the crowd. Try to write in. a positive tone, not a negative one.

Perspective verbs

Writing from your own perspective doesn’t resonate with your audience, try writing from their view, like ‘Check MY subject line’, not check YOUR.


An adverb is an action or a doing word, which can help your readers to use their imagination. Try using an adverb for your subject lines, and check the results.


Studies show, that by asking a question, you increase open rates. A question can help prompt a response from your audience.


Smart use of emojis in your email subject lines can help make your email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Filler words

The main objective is to reduce the words you use to say something. So by removing filler words, you make your subject lines pop!

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