Email marketing strategy session | Book a strategic training session

Let’s unlock the power of email – book in a strategy session.

Our strategic training sessions are less ‘how do I use Mailchimp’ and more – how do I get results from my emails. We can help.

Book a 1-hour strategy session over Zoom.

Our strategy coaches are on hand to support you and help you unlock the power of email marketing. With over 15+ years of expertise, we can dive into the things that are holding you back and help you get better results.


MailNinja is the world’s leading email agency, with over 15+ years of experience. Our team has a vast knowledge of email marketing and is on hand to help you.

Data and list management

We’ll advise on how to manage your audience more effectively.

Automation and drip campaigns

We’ll help you map out the optimum automation flows bespoke to your business.

Performance reviews

We’ll review past campaign and automation performance and suggest areas for improvement.

Audience captures

We can advise on the most effective ways to drive new subscriber signups.

Frequency of sending

We’ll advise on the optimum send frequency and cadence for your email campaigns.

Longer-term strategic planning

We can look at all aspects of your marketing to see how to use email more effectively.