In any business, marketing is one of the most crucial factors, as this brings in new clients and allows for natural growth and progression. An email campaign can be an effective marketing technique and helps attract new customers and build stronger relationships with existing ones. So, how do you create strong email marketing? Below we explore just some of the roles that are needed to execute an effective email marketing campaign…

• Designer

An email with poor graphics, that are placed off-screen or text that is hard to read due to layout or colour scheme issues will not only be ignored, but it will also be instantly flagged as junk. The role of the designer is to ensure each email recipient is met with a clear, aesthetically pleasing email that is a joy to read and view visually.

• Developer

In today’s world, it is not enough for an email to be optimised for computer or laptop devices only as more and more individuals are opting to use mobile devices and tablets to read and reply to emails. Your email code must, therefore, be optimised for multiple devices to ensure each recipient receives their email in the style and format you intended.

• Copywriter

While it is important that an email looks good, it’s the copywriter’s job to ensure the written content the email contains is just as compelling and effective as the imagery. A copywriter must ensure that all the essential information is included in the email whilst being entertaining to read.

• Data analyst

Marketing executives know, it’s not as simple as sending a marketing email and hoping for the best. Analysing the journey of a customer from the email and its ultimate conversion rates is essential to understand the effect of the email campaign and what needs to be improved for future emails, this is the role a data analyst completes.

• Strategic manager

With help from the data analyst, the strategic manager will determine what to send, when and to who. They consider customer behaviour, seasonal influences and data to determine the most effective email marketing strategy to follow.

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