So, marketing (and indeed business) books are plenty, and there’s more coming out each day. So which are recommended by marketing experts? In this post we ask some of our marketing experts to help us find some of the best marketing and business books on the market, so you can learn something new, fast.

Lindsey Carroll Founder & Chartered Marketer (Mailchimp Pro Partner) at Outbox Ltd Contributed to 3 posts

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

This book has been heralded as a best seller for some time now. The ‘story’ element of selling is currently top of mind, and this book can help you learn which areas to concentrate on to improve your website and email content.

Donald’s breakdown of his ‘SB7 Framework into sections helps highlight stories and how to use these in structuring content.

The main outline being, A ‘Character’, who ‘Has a Problem’ and ‘Meets a Guide’, who ‘Gives Them a Plan’ and then’ Calls them to action.’ They are then ‘Helped to Avoid Failure’, which ‘Ends in a Success.’ It is an ideal way to understand how to keep the client at the forefront of the text.

It also helps to guide the client through the process by concentrating on their core service or product. Many wish to include lengthy text on an email or website, yet trends have moved away from this, and customers have less and less time to read in-depth text. However, this needs to be weighed up with enough content for SEO where website copy is concerned. 

The extraction and concentration of key services or products is an added advantage of this method. It keeps the customer engaged and the conversation and strategy firmly based around their business, putting them at the forefront of the process.

Although I have been designing and developing websites and EDM’s for customers since 2006, it is good to keep thinking differently. A good read and an ideal resource to refer back to again whatever level of marketing you are at.

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