Bonus material: Send awesome Mailchimp email campaigns

Mailchimp has expanded to an all-in-one marketing platform for Small businesses – and that’s a very good thing!

“Our customers have big aspirations, but are short on time and budgets. Our email marketing product has helped millions of businesses grow, but our customers have been asking for years for us to build something that would enable them to do all of their marketing in one place.”

Ben Chestnut, Mailchimp Co-Founder

Being an avid user of Mailchimp, before starting at MailNinja, meant that the news of Mailchimp’s offer to expand to a full marketing platform was news well-received. It’s also made my start at MailNinja all the more exciting.

Mailchimp’s offering of email services for the last 20 years has proven to be a hit with small businesses – and I have worked with a fair few of them! It’s a move into fully supporting small businesses for marketing (beyond that of just email) and is a welcome addition to the already highly-usable platform that is likely to be well received by businesses around the globe.

Mailchimp will still be offering packages to suit all kinds of businesses with their free options which pack plenty of features for the cash-strapped startup – all the way to those far outgrowing their early days as they scale up.

These updates include technologies to record and track customer leads and integrate landing pages. This will truly complement Mailchimp’s already strong offering. With this integration of landing pages, email, marketing CRM and social it will save small business owners’ time by removing the need to switch between platforms to manage all of these things through separate providers – and time is money when you’re the owner, admin, marketing and sales team. This will come as great news to the 4.3 million non-employing businesses (versus 1.4 million employing businesses, 2018) in the UK* who already have to wear multiple business ‘hats’ to get through every day.

Considering that small businesses counted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of last year (2018) and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs)* – this is a really smart move by Mailchimp and one that absolutely aligns with MailNinja’s commitment to supporting and helping small businesses to grow through focussed and creative use of the Mailchimp platform.

The most interesting addition is the AI-powered insights which will empower businesses to learn from their campaigns and take action to continually improve how they communicate and market to their customers and enable reductions in unsubscribe rates if used with compelling content. This will be the first time that small businesses have been given the tools to learn from their marketing without needing to spend hours on data dives or the cost of hiring a data expert.

“…We’re bringing it all together with a deeply integrated app experience for users, so they can market smarter and grow faster, new packages that allow customers to get the most out of Mailchimp…”

Ben Chestnut, Mailchimp Co-Founder

We are really looking forward to engaging with our current and future client base on how we can work together to get the most from this new expansion of the Mailchimp universe.

*Sourced from the FSB 05/2019: