Measuring your metrics in MailChimp is a handy way to see how well your email campaigns are performing. Clicks are one of the most important metrics if your aim is to guide users to reach your online store or website.

What are clicks in general?

Clicks are a metric used in email campaigns where a user opts to follow through a link to a website, store or another page. The more clicks you achieve in general, the better your chances are of making either product sales, or pay-per-click revenue (Essentially revenue made from allowing ads to run on your website or online store.
It’s important that you don’t get confused between clicks and opens. An open is a metric where people head through to your full email from their inbox – Clicks are the direct engagement with your email links after the email has already been opened.
What are clicks in Mailchimp?

What are total clicks?

Total clicks are the sum of all clicks recorded during the period an email campaign is live. Total clicks are recorded for any click made, regardless of whether they were made multiple times by certain subscribers/users.
Due to how total clicks are measured, they are always going to be higher than unique clicks. What’s more, they will almost always be lower than your total opens, unless your email is an actual magnet which forces clicks out of your subscribers!

What are unique clicks?

Unique clicks are a little different, as they clearly distinguish how many subscribers have clicked on your links. A unique click is measured when a subscriber clicks on your link for the first time. Any further clicks aren’t counted, as this metric assumes the subscriber has already made an impression of your store/website, and hence either is not interested, or has the website link stored elsewhere.
Unique clicks are a better way to measure the engagement your emails receive, as they are restrained to one click per subscriber. For every campaign, unique clicks are the only way to measure what percentage of your subscribers actually visit your website through the referral link/s you include in your email/s.

How do I track my clicks in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp makes clicks simple to track. You can access click tracking in your Mailchimp settings.
Tracking email clicks in MaiChimp
When you turn click tracking on, your metrics will begin to separately record total clicks and unique clicks. Notice how in the image above it says “who did the clicking”….? Well, that’s where the unique clicks get their numbers from.
Remember to always focus on both kinds of clicks, so you know both how much engagement you are receiving, as well as if the engagement is centred towards a handful of subscribers. It could be broad, or narrow – Unique clicks are the best metric to tell you if your links are being interacted with disproportionately, or across the board for the majority of your subscribers.

How do I improve my unique clicks?

Now, improving unique clicks is all about making your email content focused on the reader, more targeted, more relevant. If your subscriber list isn’t segmented or managed, but your total clicks are somewhat high, you might only be catering to a handful of your subscribers. Making content relevant to everyone in your list will improve your unique clicks – This in turn will almost always make your total clicks increase too.
Here are a few tips for keeping your emails targeted, relevant and engaging;

Use exciting, personalised subject lines

A great subject line will guarantee one thing, that your open rates improve. Generally if you maintain the same focus in the subject line as in the opened email, you can always expect your clicks to rise. 
Consider what the link in your email is there for, how does it benefit your reader? 
Once you establish the main aim of your email, you should mirror it, from your subject line, to the link itself. Use the invisible triangle in your email copy, so more people are easily guided to your links, instead of just those people who intend to hunt your links down in advance (As there are only a few that do this every time).
Cat email gif
Not everyone opens an email with the intent of then visiting your website, so you have to give them a good reason to go there. Is your website or store going to blow them away? Is there an exciting sale going on? Are you operating a welcome offer? Have you just launched a fresh new product?
Getting the selling point out there is vital – If you can nail this part, you can target a higher percentage of your subscribers. They know what you’re promoting, and you can implement this to new people who subscribe, so they know what kinds of offers to look forward to.

Keep it consistent – Ask the readers what they want

If your email content is completely different each week, and the links have no connection to one another, you might find your total clicks at a high level, while your unique clicks are most likely going to be too low. If people know what they’re signing up for in your emails, they can look forward to reading them, every time. The clearer you are in what the purpose of your campaign is (From a reader’s viewpoint), the more of the right people you’ll find subscribing.
Ask readers what they want from email subscriptions
Poor unique click statistics can also be fixed if you take the time to gather feedback from your existing subscribers. Ask them what they want to see (Use Mailchimp’s personalisation tags to include each subscriber’s name in the subject line and email copy, so it really gives off the message that you are listening to each and every subscriber’s needs and expectations).
Act on their feedback, and see if this gives your unique clicks a boost. Like we said, focusing on improving your unique clicks will generally improve your total clicks. If a higher percentage of your subscribers are engaged with the content inside your emails, i.e. your links and CTAs (Calls to action), then they’ll be likely to revisit these links at different times, and on different devices. This is where the total clicks are boosted during your campaign.

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