Bonus material: The MailNinja email marketing jargon buster

You’ve probably heard that Mailchimp’s integration with Shopify is going away, you’ve also probably heard that you need to find a new email marketing tool, we just wanted to reassure you that this is not true.

If your online store is set-up on Shopify you’ve probably asked yourself “How can I send targeted and automated emails if my e-commerce site doesn’t talk to Mailchimp?” and it’s a valid question but there is a workaround!

When Mailchimp announced they were phasing out their direct integration with Shopify they also released notes on several third-party providers to connect the two platforms.

Some of our clients have already installed ShopSync, which is free and they’ve given positive feedback so they’re still able to make the most of their Mailchimp and Shopify accounts.

If you’re just setting up a Shopify store (or any eCommerce) platform and need help setting up your Mailchimp account then our Kickstart Package could be exactly what you need to help you get going.

If you need help integrating your current system with Mailchimp or if you’re worried about the transition, please get in touch and we can help you – the direct Shopify integration with Mailchimp ends on the 12th of May.

If you have any questions or need some help please get in touch.