Mailchimp alternative

Looking for an alternative to Mailchimp?

Save 30% compared to Mailchimp!

Amazon SES pricing assumes 4 emails sent per month to your entire list

Amazon SES & ConvertKit pricing listed in USD, rounded to the nearest pound, as of 20 Oct 23

No data in a cell simply means the company website does not have prices listed publicly

Fed up with constant price increases?

Mailchimp KEEP putting their prices up, and for what? they keep adding stuff you don’t need, and charge you for it anyway!


Too many confusing pricing plans? 😕

With MailNinja there’s one ‘access-all-areas’ plan. we don’t make you choose from a range of plans and lock down features!

Annoyed with automated chatbots? 🤖

No bots or overseas support – instead we give you a direct contact with our support team to ask questions.

Is your data stored in the US? 🇺🇸

Our data is hosted on secure servers in London, so you can be assured your data is safe and GDPR compliant.

Is your data safe and secure? 🔒

Mailchimp have had a gazillion data breeches in the last year or so. Is your data safe?