Bonus material: The future of email [PDF]

by Darcy Kurtz

VP of Product Marketing, Mailchimp

During Mailchimp’s first 16 years, we focused on doing one thing extremely well: email. But as we listened to our customers, we recognized their need for multiple marketing channels to communicate with their customers. That inspired us to launch more channels like landing pages, postcards, and digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. We also unveiled powerful CRM tools that allow marketers to better put their data to work by organizing their audience, learning valuable insights, and turning that knowledge into personalized experiences for their customers. Features like that help small businesses compete with businesses of all sizes.

We have transitioned from email-only to a full-service marketing platform for SMBs. Moving beyond email was liberating and gave us a whole new scope of opportunity. And that opportunity came from listening to our customers. Now, we have a platform that helps small businesses with all of their marketing needs.

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