This day has been a long time coming, but today we are super proud to announce the official launch of email campaign powerups.

Powerups are our term for add-ons or upgrades. Here is a list of what they are and why they are AWESOME!

Resend to non-openers.

First up is the resend powerup. Incredibly powerful, yet fairly underrated. If you ask any email marketer worth their salt, they’ll tell you, that sending your last email campaign to the people who didn’t open it is a really effective way to get a second chance for more opens, clicks and indeed – sales!

Resends work like this. You check the box to add this powerup when you place your order. Then, once we’ve sent out your initial campaign, we then reschedule the email again but to a segment of people who didn’t open the last one, maybe with a change of subject line.

The reason this is so effective is that if they didn’t open your first email for say 48 hours or so, chances are they won’t open it at all. By sending it again, you are giving yourself a second chance to generate more engagement and sales from the same campaign. Boom.

Introducing campaign ‘powerups’

Powerups rs

Next up, variations.

Campaign variations.

Variations are pretty much what it says. This powerup is a new version of the same email campaign, but with some slight differences, such as an image swap or some wording that may appeal to a different audience segment. So rather than pay for a brand new email, we can create a sub-campaign and send this out at the same time.

The reason this practice is so effective is that we all know (or you hopefully do) that sending relevant messaged to individual segments of your audience is the advisable best practice amongst us email pros. So by creating multiple variations, you can send unique messages to multiple segments in one go, helping you avoid sending the same message to everyone, which is less effective.

Now, let’s look at fast-tracking your campaign.

Fast tracking and express sending.

This powerup is great if you are in a hurry or have a last-minute email you need to go out. Our fast tracking powerup comes in two flavours: Fast tracking and express. fast track allows you to expedite your campaign to 5 working days, and express allows you to get a 3-day turnaround.

We usually take up to 10 working days to write, design, build and setup your email campaign (there’s actually a LOT more to email marketing that meets the eye). So this powerup is great, as it allows you to pay a little extra, allowing us the capacity to push it through quicker. There’s a fee for this as we have many customers, and we will need to put other projects on hold to do this for you.

Introducing campaign ‘powerups’

Powerups ft

Now, let’s look at saving you some money!

Monthly plans.

Monthly plans are a new powerup to the app, and this one is designed to allow you to put your email campaigns on subscription. Think of it like Amazon Subscriptions. You get to choose your quantity and your frequency, and there are no minimums or limits to this. For example, you could set up a monthly campaign, a weekly campaign, a fortnightly campaign, or even a daily one. The choice is entirely yours.

Introducing campaign ‘powerups’

If you have any questions about our pricing or any of these powerups, get in touch with us to find out more.