Email open rates. The holy grail of email marketing. Everyone wants to get more opens, as this has a knock-on effect on your read rate and click-through rate – it all starts with the open.

So what can you do about it?
How do you encourage more people to open your emails?
Is it a dark art, or can you do something about it, like NOW?

Lindsey Carroll Founder & Chartered Marketer (Mailchimp Pro Partner) at Outbox Ltd Contributed to 3 posts

It’s about being informative, not only selling – let me explain…

We all know the tips for increasing open rates:

  • Test your titles
  • Authenticate the domain
  • Keep your audience/list clean etc.
  • Send at an optimal time and time zone.

But the real story may be behind the ‘subsequent’ open rates. I always ask clients to think about why they open an email and what they like to read. Ultimately, even though we may enjoy discounts and offers, we are unlikely to open the email if we are time poor or not interested in that company that month.

Concentrate on sending informative, valuable and engaging information. Ideally, this will be a short introduction and then lead to a blog, thus keeping the email short and out of Gmails dreaded crop size while allowing for tracking clicks. There is room for an offer beneath this but encourages the reader to open again next time. They won’t want to miss out on ‘valuable free’ information, and you will achieve the goal of keeping them engaged.