You have all this stock of clothing, gadgets, home essentials – Whatever it is you sell, you need to be able to sell it consistently, and profitably, so how do you make it happen?
Well, you have to create value in your products, and give your customers a reason to come back and keep buying more of it.
We recommend that you utilise email marketing, and follow 3 key steps to driving profitable sales for your online and/or in-person store:

Step 1: Gather high-value customers, not just those who are looking for one-time discounts/sales:

If you are using promos all the time to generate sales, you’re doing two things, you are hindering your potential revenue, and you are leading customers into expecting discounts to become a regular thing. 
If those discounts don’t return for the cheap customers, don’t expect them to buy from you again. 
Email marketing tips for independent retail outlets

Step 2: Aim to promote a single item to potential customers, not many

When people are searching for new things like clothes, they will generally buy more than one item eventually due to impulse. If you send them marketing emails with new product recommendations, you should recommend one item as your main selling point. If you offer too many recommendations, people aren’t going to know where to start.
Create personalised emails by taking a look at the purchasing history of your recent customers, and if you have a sign-up form on your website, ask visitors what kind of items they are looking for. Whether that is jackets if you’re a clothing retailer, or cooking tools if you sell household essentials – Make it about what they want, and not what you think they should have.

Step 3: Always ask for (At least) a customer’s email address at check out

The last thing you want is to be unable to keep contact with customers. The easiest way to build loyalty is to stay in touch with customers and give them reasons to revisit your store.
Some customers might not know you have an online store too – This added convenience can make email marketing simple to execute, as you can deliver product recommendations and seasonal ranges straight to their inbox. When they receive these, it takes them just 2 mins to reach your website, as opposed to however long it takes for them to drive/walk/travel to your actual store.
Did you know, 81% of retail shoppers carry out online research before buying. That’s 4 in 5 retail consumers starting their journey with online research (source: GE Capital Retail Bank).
Email marketing for retail outlets