Email Marketing Content Calendar | Email Planning Tool

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Plan your email campaigns with our easy to use, and simple email content planning tool.

Email marketing content calendar | email planning tool

A free content calendar to plan your upcoming emails.

Click-to-add your own campaigns

Our simple and easy to use email content calendar allows you to plan your upcoming email campaigns in seconds. Simply add a topic, an audience and the type of email you want us to create for you.

Approve suggested campaigns

Your campaign manager will suggest upcoming campaigns for you. All you need to do is log in, review their suggestions, then add the suggested emails to your cart, ready to order.

One-click ordering

 When you’ve added your own email campaigns, and approved suggested campaigns from your campaign manager, you can view your cost breakdown and place your order. It’s fast and secure.

Track seasonal events and map out your own promotional events.

View upcoming events

 Load up your content calendar with seasonal hotspots like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day, to ensure you never miss a promotional opportunity ever again.

Add your own events

 Create your own events to help you plan ahead for all of your internal sales and promotional dates, allowing you to map out your campaigns ahead of schedule.

Email marketing content calendar | email planning tool
Email marketing content calendar | email planning tool

Maintain control: review, comment, and approve with one click.

Preview your email, desktop and mobile

When you’re email is ready for you to review and give your feedback, you will get an email to send you right to the approval page. Here you will see a live view of your email campaign for both desktop and mobile views.

Click to add your comments

 If you want to request changes to your email campaign, you just click on an area of your email and leave a comment. Once submitted, our team will get to work on your changes.

Simple and fast approval process

 When you’re happy, simple click to approve your email. Your campaign manager will pick this up and schedule your email for you. Job done.

Track orders and manage payments, in a simple and secure portal.

Complete visibility and control

 The MailNinja app is designed to give you complete control over your entire email marketing plan. Using our email content calendar, allows you to get a clear picture of what’s been done, and what’s in progress.

View campaigns in progress

 To view your campaigns, you can click on the cards in your new email content calendar, or by clicking on the campaigns tab in your dashboard.

View your orders, download invoices

 You can view past campaigns and orders, and download your invoices, all in one super simple place, designed to help you get to where you want in a few clicks.

Invite your team, and collaborate

 If you have a team, invite them to your workspace, where they can view campaigns and depending on the access-level you select, they can also leave comments and approve campaigns, and place orders.

Email marketing content calendar | email planning tool

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