Bonus material: Email marketing job descriptions [doc]

The responsibilities for this Email Designer position include designing regular, seasonal, promotional, and automated emails as necessary. The Email Designer will also organise and coordinate all digital resources and assets required for email marketing campaigns.

The Email Designer will be working with other designers, developers, and copywriters to reach email campaign objectives. They will also collaborate with members of other departments, such as sales and support, as necessary. This role has added emphasis on organisational skills, creative ability, and analytical strength.

The Email Designer will:

  • Design eye-catching email layouts that lead to higher levels of engagement and increased click-through rates, as well as sales growth where possible
  • Be responsible in part for the extension of the company’s brand identity
  • Research up-to-date and emerging technologies and developments in the design field and implement them when appropriate
  • Build email design templates, create and edit photo files, and help with intermittent presentations pertaining to the design team



Download the following job descriptions via this link:

  • Email Designer
  • Email Copywriter
  • HTML Email Developer
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Email Deliverability Expert
  • Email Data Analyst

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