Bonus material: Email marketing job descriptions [doc]

The Email Campaign Manager is responsible for planning, developing, and executing the overall strategy of the company’s email marketing goals. He or she will work closely with members of the email team as well as collaborate with coworkers from the Sales and Marketing teams. The Email Campaign Manager creates a variety of email lists and campaigns and is responsible for determining the target audiences and marketing direction as appropriate.

The Email Campaign Manager assists in the building and management of the email team, including copywriters, designers, developers, and analysts. He or she ensures every email campaign is of the highest quality and aligned with the visions and goals of key stakeholders. As a manager, he or she works closely with direct reports and suggests methods of improvement, assists with difficult aspects of campaigns, and creates and presents intermittent reports pertaining to the email team.

The Email Campaign Manager will:

  • Analyse data and draw conclusions pertaining to email campaigns. Furthermore, he or she will present pertinent findings to key stakeholders and/or the larger marketing team
  • Document all aspects of each email campaign, including what was a success, what was a failure, and the lessons derived from each
  • Be responsible for increasing email subscriptions as appropriate
  • Determine team KPIs to ensure direct reports are working efficiently



Download the following job descriptions via this link:

  • Email Designer
  • Email Copywriter
  • HTML Email Developer
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Email Deliverability Expert
  • Email Data Analyst

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