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A complete email marketing service package.

  • Goal-driven campaigns, designed for impact
  • Drive more sales and conversions
  • Turn subscribers into customers
  • Maximise your email marketing ROI
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Save time, money and hassle — outsource your emails to us.

We take email campaigns off your hands – so you can focus on your next big idea.

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A dedicated strategy coach to support your journey.

You get your own dedicated strategy coach to chat to about topics, copy, designs, timing, goals and all things email. It’s their sole purpose to make your life easier and plan ahead.

email marketing strategy coach
email campaign management reporting

Monthly strategy calls to review and plan upcoming campaigns.

Book a strategy call with your coach to review past campaign performance, and map out topics for your upcoming campaigns.

A free content calendar to plan your upcoming emails.

Be in full control of your email program, all within a super-simple email marketing content calendar. Visually plan your promotional hotspots and upcoming email campaigns in a simple intuitive dashboard.

email campaign planning service

Track seasonal events and map out your own promotional events.

Overlay your content calendar with seasonal events like Black Friday and Christmas, as well as create your own overlays to help plan sales and promotions.

email campaign and newsletter events planning services

Campaign ideas: researched and mapped out for you.

Your strategy coach will proactively suggest topics for your upcoming email campaigns, allowing you to login to your dashboard and edit, approve or reject our suggestions before we start work. You can also add your own in your new easy-to-use content calendar.

email campaign ideas and support - email strategy

Write effective headlines, call-to-actions and subject lines.

Our copywriters will proof-read, reformat, condense and optimise any copy you give us, resulting in engaging headlines, readable copy and clickable calls-to-action.

email campaign design service

Design fully-customised banners and graphics.

Our skilled design team will create awesome customised graphics for your email campaigns, as well as crop, enhance and edit any assets you provide.

email banner design - email campaign graphic design

Build your emails for desktop and mobile screens.

We design unique content for your email campaigns optimised for mobile displays, and create layouts for mobile accessibility, such as reposition and resize content.

email campaign building service - create mobile responsive email campaigns

Review, comment and approve your emails with one click.

When your email has been created, you will receive a link to preview and leave comments. When you submit your comments, our team will be alerted and get to work. When you’re happy, approve your email.

email campaign design approval service
email campaign scheduling

Emails scheduled for you, at the optimism delivery time.

We’ll choose the optimum time to send your email campaign, then set it up in your email provider account, creating dynamic segments to target specific subscriber groups. Job done.

Track orders and manage payments, in a simple and secure portal.

Easily place orders, add topics for your campaigns, track the status of orders in progress, manage your budget and billing. Boom.

email campaign service - order online

Priority multi-channel support, on demand.

Your friendly neighbourhood ninjas are on hand to help answer your questions, just ask.

email marketing support service
email campaign service benefits and features

Key benefits at a glance.

Need a little convincing? Check out the benefits of a MailNinja service package.

  • [simple_tooltip content='We don't have complicated pricing structures. One flat fee per email campaign or newsletter that we manage, that's it.']Pay-as-you-go pricing.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='No lengthy contracts or fixed term email marketing packages here. You can scale up or down and cancel any time.']Hassle-free, no contracts or minimum terms.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Our flexible email campaign management package is designed to give you complete transparency and control over your email marketing budget.']No setup fees or hidden charges.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Get set, go. Once you sign up to a MailNinja email marketing plan, you don't need to worry about email design, development, testing and scheduling ever again. Your newsletters are fully managed.']Your email marketing on autopilot.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Our managed email campaign service allows you to outsource your email campaigns and newsletters to a team of skilled experts at a reasonable price. We have 15+ years experience in email marketing, and can work with you to design and send awesome email campaigns, every time.']An all-in-one cost effective package.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Your campaign manager will plan your email campaigns and newsletters for you, suggesting topics and send times for your campaigns, giving you some headspace to focus on other tasks.']Proactive planning of your campaigns.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Our production team provide a start to finish service for your email campaigns and newsletters. That means all of the copy, imagery, graphics and coding is done by us. A complete email campaign management service.']A simple solution for your email marketing.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Our super-skilled team of designers and developers will create highly results-driven, on brand designs every time. Results driven mail marketing campaigns and newsletters.']Send better email, get better results.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='MailNinja have been in the email game since 2005, so we know email marketing, it's all we do. That's why our email campaign and newsletter management service is designed to be fully scalable and flexible.']Over 15 years expertise in email marketing.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='We are certified and have amazing relationships with Mailchimp and the top platforms in the email industry, so you know that when you hire us, you're hiring the best in the email marketing game.']Certified partners with the top ESPs.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='We actively look for opportunities throughout the year. Our custom email marketing content calendar allows us to overlay custom promotional dates and track upcoming events for your campaigns and newsletters.']Never miss an opportunity.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='With your new email campaign dashboard, you are able to approve or reject topics, add your own topics, view the status of email campaigns and newsletters in production all in a simple email content calendar, manage your billing and so much more. A full service email marketing plan.']Complete visibility and control of your email marketing.[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content='Our team are on hand to support you from day one, simply book callbacks with your campaign manager. A complete outsource solution for your email campaigns and newsletters.
    ']World-class customer support.[/simple_tooltip]
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Get started today — outsource your email marketing.

Follow these 3 simple steps:

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Create your account.

Sign up to MailNinja via our app, it’s free to join and takes less than 30 seconds.

Sign up to email marketing agency plan

Add your billing details.

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything until you actually place an order.

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Start planning your emails.

Map out your upcoming campaigns, or let your campaign manager suggest topics.