Agree with most of this, but I’m not sold on the move back to email marketing.

With Intuit’s stated goals, I’m not sure cutting some of the other stuff will be inline with their plans.. I, like many Chimp Experts, would love to see more investment and focus in the email side to bring it up to a market leading standard… but like most Chimp Experts, that’s because it’s what I want.

The core heartland of Mailchimp’s paid user base is likely not using experts and is happy with the system as is, and is ‘intrigued’ by the possibilities of the other new tools – and they’re great “marketing tools” to encourage people to jump on board (even if usage isn’t there yet).

As such, although I’d love to see more email focus, I actually think the “one stop shop” for Small Business means a wider spread of tools… maybe not now, but in the future.

(Unless Intuit goes and buys another tool like Unbounce… in which case it’s all in for email!!!)