If you need the right message to go to the right person, you need to start by defining who those people are.

Take a look at who is on your list and start to build segmentation (or personas) based on what you know about them. Where did they come from? What products or services have they bought from you in the past? What emails do they open and click on the most? Once you start to define your audience, you’ll be able to better develop and target messaging that is meaningful and more likely to get results.

Now that you know who they are, don’t depend on your own knowledge as the only source for narrowing the topics of relevance. Ask the subscriber to help define what kind of content they are interested in and how often they want to hear from you by setting up preferences. (Here’s how you can do that in Mailchimp, thanks to my friend Gary for the great videos!)

Keep tabs on our audience as it grows. Regularly evaluate your personas to make sure they reflect your current audience and be sure to watch the metrics for their campaign behavior to be sure that your messaging is staying relevant.