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Do your emails suck? — you need our Campaign Review service.

If you know your emails could look or perform better, then we can help you.

We see a lot of emails.
We understand email.
We know what works.

Maybe you don’t even know it yet, but your emails may be underperforming.

Our Campaign Review service focuses on 2 things:

1. Copy, design, and layout.
2. Checks and tests.
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Here’s a guarantee from us — we’ll find something that will help.

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Copy, design, and layout.

First up, let’s look at how the email looks. The layout, content positioning, on-brand design, copy tone, and your CTAs (calls to action) all add up to make or break your email. A few minor tweaks, and you will see better results.

Checks and tests.

If your email isn’t mobile responsive, breaks on Gmail or Outlook (it happens a lot), has a typo, or someone forgot to resize your images and they are saved as 2000px wide, you’re gonna have problems. We’ll run your email campaign through the same checks we use for our own email campaigns, to ensure it looks perfect no matter what device or client it’s read on.


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