How to get your first email 100 subscribers.


How to write email copy that drives click-throughs.

We all hear of email success, and that’s great, but to get started in email marketing you don’t need to do anything magical or overthink the design and copy too much, the best thing to do is to simply start, learn and develop your strategy as you go. The one thing that puts a spanner in this, is your subscribers. Unlike social media where there’s a bunch of people watching and listening ready for you to target, or search engine marketing, where you can place ads and drive traffic, with email – if you don’t have any subscribers, you can’t do anything about it.

Of course, you can buy or acquire data by some nefarious means, but that simply doesn’t work. The first thing for you to do is learn patience, and build, NOT BUY.

This can be a frustrating game, but trust me, an email list is worth gold in comparison to a Twitter following. So patience pays off.

Let’s take a look into HOW you can grow your list from zero and attract your first bunch of subscribers.