How to send the right email, to the right person, at the right time.


How to write email copy that drives click-throughs.

When all is said and done, email success comes down to 3 things; 1. send the right message 2. send to the right person 3. send at the right time.

So I hear you say… what is the right email anyway? How can an email be ‘right’? I guess the word right is a red herring here, the real word we want to use is ‘relevant’. If your email is designed to appeal to a specific subscriber group, and your offer, your wording and your imagery all are designed to talk their language and appeal to their senses… BANG, the job is done.

Next up, the right person. This again comes down to relevancy, but in order to do so, avoid ‘batching and blasting’, a phrase common with email experts, and a big no-no. My advice to you, is to select a target demographic segment and send emails more frequently, to smaller groups of people.

Last point, the right time. Timing is so important. An example of this would be to send the same email out to everyone in your list at the same time. These days, every online business is a global business, therefore chances are you will have subscribers all over the world. So ask yourself this – why are you sending an email to someone who is asleep in bed???

This post is designed to help you understand the core things that help you to achieve this, with the help of our trusty friends and Mailchimp partners.

Let’s dive in…