About MailNinja

In the simplest terms, MailNinja is a marketing agency that is 100% focused on email. We help companies send out awesome looking emails that are focused on generating results.

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Be more, create better

Our internal mantra is to be more and to create better. To ‘be more’ means to go the extra mile for customers, to invest in your own personal development, to strive and achieve more, to live more and get more from life. To ‘create better’ is to provide a better service, to build better products, to design better emails. This is the stuff we live and breath, and drives us to continually evolve and grow.

Our story

MailNinja’s story begins way back in 2005, when Doug bought himself a laptop, and decided to call himself a web designer. As Doug’s likes to clarify – I was a web designer, not web developer – and the focus on design lives strong to this day. When we produce an email for you, we are ultimately looking at 2 things; does this look good, will this get the desired results. This motivates us to continue to create great looking AND effective email  marketing campaigns.

About mailninja
About mailninja

Meet the founder

Doug Dennison created MailNinja back in 2005, first as a web agency called Kudos, then moving towards email and rebranding to MailNinja in 2012. With a hawk eye for typos and a love of cats, Doug lives in Highworth in England, with his partner and cat (obvs) and spends his time with family and driving his Tesla. Doug is driven by positive change:

I love the process of evolution. I can’t sit still for long, I have to be actively improving our service or working on something new, or I get bored. Onboarding new customers excites me, as I love having discussions with my success team about strategy and plans – this drives me to keep pushing myself and my team to be more and create better – which is our mantra.