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Free stuff 👍

Whilst you wait, enjoy our free email marketing resources, created by the team of email experts at MailNinja HQ.

The future of email

Collabs from Mailchimp, Email on Acid, Really Good Emails and loads more.

How to design the perfect email

Our one-page email design layout blueprint.

Ecommerce and email marketing

A guide about email marketing for ecommerce companies.

Email marketing jargon buster

We try not to speak jargon, but in case you need a helping hand…

Email design review

Some supercool designs from some of the most loved brands.

How to increase email open rates

Some handy tips to boost your email open rates.

How to increase email click-through rates

Supercharge your click-through rates with this infographic.

Email campaign pre-send checklist

Download our email pre-send checklist for your emails.

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