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The email marketing agency for small business.

We’ll take email marketing off your hands – so you can focus on your next big idea.
Email marketing agency | Email marketing services
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What We Do

We offer a flexible range of email marketing services, from on-demand training to a fully managed service where you outsource your entire email program to us.

Unlike other agencies, we focus 100% on email, nothing else.

Email marketing strategy and servicing

How We Help

We work with you to determine achievable goals and create a long-term strategy to achieve them. Our success team are your main point of contact, giving you access to a team of email marketing experts, with over 15 years experience.

Full service email marketing

Full-service email marketing management

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your email marketing, from strategy to deployment, we can help.

Email marketing support group

Ecommerce email marketing agency services

We will help you send highly targeted and personalised campaigns, designed for impact and sales.

Email marketing training solutions

Email campaign management services

Save time, money and hassle by outsourcing your regular email marketing campaigns and newsletters to MailNinja.

Email marketing mentoring plans

Email marketing support

Our team will partner up with your team, to level up your email marketing, and look for untapped opportunities.

Email marketing support group

Mastermind Groups

Join a group of like-minded folk, coming together in a support ‘bubble’ to help drive better results from your email efforts.

Email marketing training solutions

Email marketing training

We can deliver flexible one-off and ongoing training sessions, designed to help you raise your email game.

Email marketing academy courses

MailNinja Academy

The brand new email marketing and email platform learning environment from the masters of email marketing.

email marketing agency designs

We’ve been doing this for a while.

Check our awesome email work over on Really Good Emails.

Trusted by the world’s best-known brands.

Our customers depend on us every day to design, build and send their email marketing campaigns for them.
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Got questions?

Our email marketing agency is designed to help you send better emails. Here are some of frequently asked questions:

Why hire an email marketing agency?

Our email marketing agency has 15+ years experience in email marketing, so if you need email experts, then look no further. Our team it's made up of email marketing specialists in a variety of different roles, from strategy to design, so when you hire an email agency, you hire a team of email experts, not just one person.

Why do people hire you to manage their email newsletter?

Great question. People hire us because they are too busy or don't have the resource in house. Our email marketing agency is designed to give busy marketing folk a fully outsource email service, allowing them to step back and relax. Our email design agency is here to make your life easier!

What types of email campaigns and newsletters can you manage for me?

We can send any types of email marketing campaigns and regular newsletters. The emphasis being on email marketing, as we don't work with email as a sales channel.

Does your email agency you do lead gen and sales outreach campaigns?

We get a lot of enquires about lead gen and sales outreach, but we are an email marketing service company, not a sales or lead gen company.

Can you help me buy or scrape data for my email campaigns?

No, sorry. We do cannot help you buy or scrape data for your email campaigns. This is something we do not endorse or can help you acquire. If you take it upon yourself to scrape data yourself, we can still help you with the design and send of your email marketing, we just cannot be held responsible for the results or negative impacts.

Does your email marketing agency have terms of service.

Yep, you can read our terms and privacy policies here

Are you a full service email marketing agency?

Yes, our email services are designed to give you a fully outsourced service for your email marketing needs. Our email agency will plan, design, build and manage your emails for you. A complete email marketing service.

Where is your email marketing agency you based?

Our email design agency is fully remote. Pre-COVID we were based in Swindon, but now our head office is in London, which is simply a postal address. Our team of email marketing specialists are dotted around the UK, and we work with the best email marketing experts for copywriting, design and management. You're in good hands.

How many people are in your email marketing agency?

Our core team is 5 people. The core team provide support and manage our app and processes, the rest of our team is made up of consultants and email marketing experts from all different backgrounds and sectors. We have 3 pods in MailNinja, campaign managers, copywriters and designers, each with a lead person overseeing operations and quality.

We'd like to hire MailNinja to manage our email newsletter, how do we start?

Great, head over to to create your email marketing service account, and your campaign manager will be in touch to craft a plan around your needs.

Do you have any email newsletter and campaign examples?

Sure, you can view loads of our email marketing designs on our Pinterest board, but some of our recent work and liked work can be found on Really Good Emails here

Is your email campaign and newsletter service GDPR compliant?

Yep. We comply with the GDPR and data protection acts, and we do not endorse spam or data scraping.

What do your email newsletter management services entail?

We will fully manage your day to day email marketing for you. Our email marketing agency was born to help you send better email and get better results.

How much does email campaign / newsletter management cost?

You can view our latest email marketing agency pricing here